Autus Ventures

Innovation and Knowledge

About Us

Autus is an amalgamation of highly productive people that deliver a higher standard of solutions through our network of knowledgeable, passionate, dedicated professionals. We pride ourselves on earning our reputation as a dynamic and progressive company with a focus on excellence and results. Through our ongoing partnership with best-in-class customers, Autus is dedicated to offering a comprehensive array of services designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing results and yields for our customers.


Autus believes in a team oriented culture based on honesty, integrity, communication, and transparency. Autus is committed to maintaining the high standards of corporate governance that are fundamental to the effective and transparent operation of the company and its ability to protect the rights of its shareholders and enhance shareholder value.

Innovation and Knowledge is the basis for Profit

Autus is improving customer value and driving advancements by creating and supporting innovative ideas, with scale and expertise, to address customer needs more efficiently and effectively.